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?Catfish TV Show? Season 5: Can these Happen to You? Untold Stories Revealed in Episode 22

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As Catfish TV Show Season 5 shows more unbelievable cases of catfishings, the hit MTV reality series prove that its stories could only get more shocking. Catfish TV Show Season 5 Episode 22 is no exception. Avid fans of the show can definitely expect more stories to be told.

It seems like what makes many fans hooked with the series is because they can relate to some situations. These scenarios of finding love in the digital world can happen to you or you can learn from the mistakes of the people from Catfish TV Show and make sure you don?t fall on the same trap.

Most millennials today try to find love online. Some fall in love with a person they have not even met in person. But what really happens? Could it be really possible to find love through your LCD screens? ?Catfish TV Show Season 5 has more cases to be explored to tell the truth behind online dating.

Andrew and Zac

In a previous episode titled ?Andrew and Zac?, the story of a girl named Andrew who fell in love with a guy she met on Tinder was explored. The guy introduced himself as Zac. He said he is a crossfit trainer.

For Andrew, Zac was everything she had hoped for in a guy. Soon, she finds out that she?s starting to have feelings for him until she finds out something really disturbing.

Andrew has learned that Zac is an internet personality named Zac Miller. He was voted to be the hottest guy on Tinder in Maine. It turns out that Andrew was not dating the real Zac Miller. Instead, she was chatting with an impersonator all along.

A situation like this could happen to anyone who has a Tinder account. So if you are active on dating sites, be more careful and tune in to Catfish TV Show on Tuesday, September 28, to learn from others? experiences.

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