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?Catfish The TV Show? Episode 17: Online Scams Revealed By People Who Were Duped, Learn From Them

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Catfish The TV Show Episode 17 gives viewers a good chance to hear of untold stories of online scams from people who have experienced them. The upcoming episode titled ?Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 7? sees more revelations from victims who were dumped as they tried to find love in the digital age. These people are exactly the ones that fans and viewers alike can learn from.

Episode 17 of the hit reality series will be composed of a crowd. There are just too many stories to tell and countless lessons to absorb. The show?s hosts, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, are expected to give helpful insights. Aside from the intriguing details of how fake people are catfishing and being catfished online, viewers are also looking forward to see how Schulman and Joseph will help solve different cases.

In episode 16 titled ?Candic & Titus,? a married woman named Candic cheated on her husband and wanted to come clean. Her problem started when she was tempted to exchange flirty messages with a man she met online. The episode may appear shocking, but there are definitely more to see from the next episodes of Catfish The TV Show. ?Candic & Titus? was aired on August 24, 2016 on MTV.

Viewers can expect more shocking surprises from Catfish The TV Show Season 5 on its forthcoming episodes.

Schulman on Catfish The TV Show?s Upcoming Episodes

Catfish host Schulman shows no signs of being absent from the upcoming episode of the hit show amid his fianc?e?s pregnancy. Schulman and his partner, Laura Perlongo, attended the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. The lovebirds looked fabulously in love as they took public display of affection to the next level.

Fans will continue to see Schulman along with his co-host Joseph on the upcoming episodes of Catfish The TV Show. Aside from their hosting tasks, Schulman and Joseph are also co-creators of the MTV reality series. ?Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 7? is slated to air on August 31, 2016.

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