Catch better sleep while feeling stress-free with this breathable, weighted blanket

The relaxing hug sensation is definitely a plus!

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Sleeping without your favorite pillow can make you feel troubled. The same happens when you miss that sensation that brings you to a night of deep sleep. With the Honeybird, you get that oddly satisfying weight on your body that will make you feel secured and settled.

The Honeybird Weighted Blanket is a duvet cover with cotton and double knit sides. This all-natural product helps you catch great sleep by putting pressure on your body. Furthermore, it lets you feel stress-free and calm through a relaxing hug sensation.

You would love this blanket more because it has weight options to select the most comfortable one. Plus, it comes in different sizes, so you could match it with your existing mattress.

This product is breathable, and it doesn’t overheat underneath. Thus, you could keep it on the whole night without feeling humid.