Casual Season 2 Finale: Alex Wants Valerie Who Wants Drew & A Family Crisis To End The Season

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Casual Season 2 Finale
Casual Season 2 Finale

Casual Season 2 Finale will leave you clutching the edge of your seats!

Valerie is used to exploring multiple relationships in the past. As the season finale comes to an end, Valerie is back to her old style. She appears to have resumed her sexual relationship with Drew and she likes it.

There is also a change in character from her being highly emotional during the season premiere to a more poised and controlled character towards the end. Valerie appears to enjoy the comforting nature of past relationships and is seen sneaking out in the morning. This after her night sexcapade with Drew to escape Laura.

On the other hand, Laura is doing everything she can to keep Spencer to herself. As the episode unfolds, she seems a bit confused when she receives Spencer’s call saying his cancer treatment was a success.

Laura gets super excited and leaves Valerie’s party to meet up with Spencer. Things get really heated between Laura and Spencer. After she’s done with him though, boredom starts setting in.

It suddenly dawned on Laura that she can have this kind of relationship forever. She realizes she loves the freedom without any responsibility or commitment.

Alex still wants to patch things up with Valerie, but with no apologies whatsoever, this is really tough for her. He tries to make up for things by organizing a surprise party for her. He’ll do anything to get her attention, which only enrages Valerie some more.

Alex continues to desire Valerie but she no longer wants him. Going back to Jack and Jennifer seems to be the most logical thing to do at the moment. As Valerie attempts to keep her distance with Alex, several events involving their father will force them back together.

Don’t miss episode 13, where Valerie, Laura, and Alex will need to come together to deal with a family crisis.

Casual Season 2, episode 13 airs on Aug. 23 at 10p.m. ET/7p.m. PT on Hulu. To know the latest buzz on Casual Season 2 Finale, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us back with your feedback on the comments below.


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