Castlevania Lords of Shadows-April 9 2010

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Not much information has been released since Konami sent out press photos of Castlevania: Lord of Shadows in early March. The scrumptious shots showed of some good gameplay aspects, except they didn’t give you a real sense of what the adventure will be for gamers. Well come April 9 2010 Konami is set to introduce the gaming world to more Castlevania: Lord of Shadows media. Expect a new trailer, photos, and gameplay footage to grace us. Any fan of the series, or new gamer to it should mark their calendar. With Kojima acting as producer the game is set to introduce a new character, and action adventure we have not seen since Castlevania: Symphony of The Night.

Excitement for the game should start to pick up come early April. With God of War already released, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows hopefully can fill the void from a multiplatform perspective. So owners of an Xbox 360 and PS3 can experience the game on their respective platforms. We want are more weapons, some good platforming, varying enemies, and environments. Most of all we want a solid Castlevania experience on our next generation systems.

The question-anticipation for me is whether, or not Castlevania: Lord of Shadows can bring back the storied franchise on consoles. That feeling of adventure, music, art, and adventure many grew up on. With other titles having less of a legacy, but being spectacular in their own right. There is no reason for this new Castlevania not to be something special. It also will give us an idea of just how Hideo Kojima works on projects where he is not the director. Since he is also doing the same type of role with Metal Gear Solid: Rising Can his guidance, and wisdom give license to a title that he, and gamers can be proud of? We’ll get to know more come April 9th 2010.

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