Castlevania Animated Series News: Adventure Time Staff To Work On Cartoon TV Show

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The game Castlevania has been well known for its dark, sinister, and devilish theme accompanied by blood and gore. The game has had a previous team up with Studio Ghibli. But, this time around, an American-based studio will be giving it a go. If you add the crazy art style of Adventure Time, what could the Castlevania animated series possibly look like?

Fred Seibert, owner of Federation Studios, has revealed in a Nick Animation podcast that he is eyeing to make a Castlevania animated series. Fans will get to watch the mini series in the near future. But, there is still no concrete date or timeframe as to when it will be released.

According to the video, Seibert still needs to ?unname? the upcoming project. He further stated that it will be??based on one of the most world-famous video games of the last 30 years”. The series is finally starting to become a reality after years of waiting.

Another Facebook post from Adi Shankar from a few years back, has given a heads up about this project. It will be a?Castlevania mini series that is going to be ?dark and satirical? according to the post. He also stated that he will be teaming up with Kevin Klonde and Fred Seibert for this series.

This will really be an interesting twist to imagine. Taking two different dimensions and genre of entertainment and merging it up to become a whole different style.

Adventure Time has been deemed a popular cartoon series. It stars ?Finn the human” and his trusty sidekick ?Jake the dog.? In each episode, they battle different types of enemies and save the day from sheer mayhem.

Its weird take in animation and funny antics has made the series memorable. It also sometimes deals with deeper issues here and there. Cartooning Alucard, Richter or even the Belmont family into the likes of Finn, Princess Bubblegum and Ice King would be something.

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Hopefully, this will be dreadful in a good way. Mixing the?Castlevania animated series with humor and somewhat kid-like style of animation will be something to look forward to.

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