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Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse – Win The Game Using Wii U

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For avid (Family Computer) Famicom gamers, they will be overjoyed to know that Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse is now available on Wii U Virtual Console.

New generation gamers will find playing the game quite difficult, especially if they have not seen nor played with Famicom or NES games before. Prior to the release of advanced graphical video games, such as the ones released these days, Famicom games move left to right rather than in circular motion and?the?8-bit graphics it uses are so old, that it rarely catches interest amongst new gamers these days. But it still catches the hearts of the avid and geeky gamers, especially when the game has a very appealing story.

The layout of the virtual controller is similar to Nintendo’s NES System console. It has a cross-shaped joypad, the A and B buttons with additional X and Y buttons, and the start and select buttons. The virtual controller may have additional parts but the aforementioned buttons are all you need to complete the game.

Press the start button to well, start the game. For majority of the game, you will be using Trevor Belmont. Other characters that you will be using in the game are Grant DaNasty, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard Tepes, Dracula’s son. Unless you want to speed things up, avoid using cheats to get rid of the boredom. Some gamers tend to use cheats in order to accomplish the game faster. Simply use?the cross shaped joypad and the A and B buttons.

The right and left buttons on the cross joypad is used to go right and left, and the same thing can be said with the up and down. The A and B buttons will be used for jumping and attacking. There is no special technique to complete the game unlike most games today – if you just learn how to avoid enemies and attack them accurately, you will find that playing old school games are pretty easy compared to most games released these days. The one thing that made these 8-bit games difficult is there is no save point, meaning when you exit the game, you are going back to first stage.

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