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Castle Builder II: Bridging the Gap between Social Games and Slot Machines

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Online casinos are filled with amazing casual games, appealing to millions of players all over the world. Further millions are playing social games on a daily basis, being engaged in gathering experience points, sharing their progress, and asking for help from their social media connections in the process. The two styles of gaming usually don’t mix, as they require different levels of dedication from their players. Or maybe we’d better say “didn’t” because an upcoming game called “Castle Builder II” will change things fundamentally.

Building castles, winning cash

Casino game fans who routinely play thrilling new games at Vegas Palms online Canadian casino will be excited to find out what’s coming their way: one of the most captivating and exciting casino slots ever invented. “Castle Builder II” will be a sequel to the successful “Castle Builder” slot machine released in 2014. In the original game, players had to build a series of castles using building materials gathered by playing a slot machine. In the sequel, Vegas Palms players will have more castles to build. What makes the game truly different is its surroundings.

The best of both worlds

Unlike the rest of the games at the Vegas Palms, in “Castle Builder II” players will experience progression and character development, much like in the case of social games. Initially, players will need to select one of the two available builder profiles – experienced old timer Sam or enthusiastic newcomer Sandy. Both of them will come with their own set of benefits, like shorter building times or extra free spins added to the mix. A third builder profile can also be unlocked later in the game – the mysterious character that looks a lot like a warrior from a fantasy game has yet unknown perks added to the mix.


Once players select their preferred builder, they will be taken to the map where they will have to choose their next building project. Throughout the game, players will progress through 15 kingdoms, have the chance to complete 75 projects, and interact with over 300 characters. The castles can be built through a slot machine game: when the reels stop at three or more units of building materials on an active win line, they are added to a rack. When eight units of materials are gathered, they are used to complete another phase of the project. Once the castle is complete, a prince – or princess – will move in, and his (or her) suitors arrive. Players will need to select one of the contenders and pocket the reward for completing the castle.

Release date and availability

Castle Builder II will be released at the Vegas Palms Casino and all other Microgaming-powered online gaming venues in the second quarter of 2017.

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