Cars 3 Trailer Shows Lightning McQueen In A Fatal Crash

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Cars 3 is confirmed to be the next film to look forward to in the successful Pixar franchise. Now the excitement of fans is hyped with the release of the first trailer of the upcoming film.

In the new Cars 3 trailer, Lightning McQueen is involved in what appears to be a fatal crash. Those who have already seen the trailer for Cars 3 may agree that it is quite disturbing. It shows a darker turn of events than the usual Pixar plot.

The clip lasted for 49 seconds. It has one line of text. At 0:16, a new kind of car can be seen emitting the unmistakable whine of an electric motor.

The newly released Cars 3 trailer opens on a shot of a Piston Cup race. It seems it is too intense for kids, but it is too early to judge the entire film. Watch the trailer below.

Cars 3

Cars 3 is under the direction of Brian Fee. Fee, who is now a member of Pixar Senior Creative Team, has worked as a story artist on the first two Cars movies. Daniel Gerson is in charge of the screenplay for Cars 3. He has already worked on Monsters Inc, Chicken Little, Cars, Monsters University, Big Hero 6, among others.

Fans of the previous Cars movies will be delighted to know that Owen Wilson will be back. He is all set to reprise his role as Lightning McQueen.

Spoilers for Cars 3 suggest that McQueen will deal with a new foe in Jackson Storm. A new coach named Cruz Ramirez will help McQueen in the forthcoming film. Ramirez is a young Hispanic female race car. She is tasked to train Wilson?s character. Ramirez will help the lead character stay competitive in the racing world.

Cars 3 opens in US theatres in 3D June 16, 2017. Until then, tune in only here at TheBitbag for more updates and spoilers.

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