Cars 3 2017 Plot Spoilers: New Main Character To Replace Lightning McQueen?

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After five years of waiting, fans are finally able to see the official teaser video of Cars 3. However, it was not something everyone was hoping for. Instead, it was a shocking clip which leads viewers speculating about the possible plot of the movie.

Both kids and kids at heart have been waiting for the official teaser of Cars? third installment. But, unlike the franchise?s previous films where Lightning McQueen was seen racing against other cars, fans witnessed him crashing on the pavement. As a result, several theories have surfaced online about the film?s storyline.

First prediction states that a new character will be introduced in the franchise. A new car that will take over the role of McQueen as the lead character and as the fastest race car in Radiator Spring. Lightning, on the other hand, will now be the Doc Hudson, tutoring the rookie how to be the best.

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Should that be the case, then that will explain the quote ?From this moment everything will change? in the teaser. Now, who could that be? In the teaser clip, which you can watch below, check the 20-second mark. You will see a black car with an ?IGNTR? sticker on its bumper. He could be the possible new character in the movie that Lightning will teach.

However, another possible explanation of this Cars 3 teaser surfaced online. Rumor has it that the clip suggests that Lightning will be having a new look in the third installment of the franchise. Meanwhile, the IGNTR car is the villain in the movie which cause Lightning to crash while racing.

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Some also believed that aside from having a new look, Lightning will as well have a new engine under his hood. An engine that will make him top of the line once more as he is seen in the teaser as quite rusty already.

Fans can make several interpretation from this Cars 3 teaser. But, the producers themselves have kept their mouth shut about the plot of the film. Let us just wait for a new video to come out to provide us with new hints about the movie?s storyline. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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