CarPlay: The iPhone Experience In Your Car

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CarPlay: The iPhone Experience In Your Car


84th Geneva Motor Show ? Press day

84th Geneva Motor Show ? Press day

84th Geneva Motor Show ? Press day

Apple has just released information about a new dash board system for automobiles that, as they proclaim is ? the best iPhone experience in 4 wheels?.

In the battle to incorporate smartphone tech into our daily motoring experience, Apple seems to be leading the way with ?CarPlay?, a dashboard system that will give the motorist the iPhone experience that includes the voice activation tool ?Siri?.


According to Apple, a number of car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, will be offering CarPlay soon with other auto manufacturers like BMW, General Motors, Ford and Honda following later.

The announcement was made by Apple at the Geneva International Motor Show and was seen by many industry analysts as a show of force against competitors like Google and other companies, in the race to place mobile internet tools such as messaging, mapping and music inside our cars.

With the battle for the mobile smartphone market in full swing, companies like Apple and Google want to conquer the automotive market where 80 million units are sold annually.


With this announcement, Apple is trying to preempt moves by Google in this field, as the internet search giant announced early this year the formation of the Open Automotive Alliance. The group plans to work with auto manufacturers in incorporating the Android tech in vehicles.

With CarPlay, motorists will be able to access features found in their iPhone by tapping on icons located on a CarPlay dashboard or by enabling ?Siri? via a button located on the steering wheel.

CarPlay is expected to be in selected vehicles by late 2014 according to an Apple press release.

According to Apple vice president for iPhone and iOS marketing Greg Joswiak, ? CarPlay has been designed from the ground up to provide drivers with an incredible experience using their iPhone in the car?.

Information gathered about CarPlay shows that the system will allow the motorist to listen to music, use ?Maps?, check and send messages, and even make calls.

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