Carol And Daryl Romance In Walking Dead Season 6 Rumors: Couple To Take Relationship To Next Level? New Characters And Gruesome Deaths Revealed!

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Anticipating the next season of the Walking Dead has fans reeling for details and schemes for what will happen to the characters. As the Walking Dead is set to premiere this October, fans are tensioning over the questions of who is going to die in the next season and who are going to be the next love birds.

Carol and Daryl relationship

Walking Dead character Carol Peletier, played by Melissa McBride, has made some dramatic changes over the seasons. From a quiet, mild-tempered woman to a true survivor of a zombie apocalypse, Carol has captured the hearts of the fans. Some may say she also captured the heart of Daryl Dixon. Carol and Daryl?s closeness with each other has made viewers curious as to what will happen to their relationship.

?They obviously have an incredible connection [and] bond they?ve shared since the first season,? Melissa McBride shared in an interview with TVLine. ?I think the first encounter between the two of them we saw as viewers, there is something interesting going on,? she added.

?I think both of them coming from an abusive past, having an abuser over them, and coming into their own forced by the circumstances of the apocalypse? I think they understand each other. That will always be there. They lean on each other,? McBride stated from TVLine.

Negan introduction and Glenn Rhee death

A lot of rumors have popped out concerning Glenn Rhee and his future for the Walking Dead series. Norman Reedus, a while back, jokingly shared in a video interview about which they would like to see brought back to the Walking Dead series and surprisingly stated Glenn, according to Design & Trend. Whether they will think of it as a joke or a real spoiler, it?s for the fans to decide.

Another reason why Glenn Rhee?s death is the most talked about rumor is because of the comic book series. ?The Alexandria group is eventually beset by a tribe called the Saviors. Their leader, Negan, is a bloodthirsty man that uses a rather shocking method of proving his dominance to Rick?s community,? Design & Trend shared. Negan is eventually destined to meet and Glenn and kill him with a bat covered in barbed wire.

Believe all you want, but nothing is still yet certain for the events that will happen for Rick and his gang. The Walking Dead?s season 6 is set to premiere on October 11. For more teasers and updates on the new season, check out this link.

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