CarePredict Tempo Smartwatch Helps Seniors Track Activities and Alerts Loved Ones on Health Problems

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CarePredict Tempo Smartwatch Helps Seniors Track Activities and Alerts Loved Ones on Health Problems

A smartwatch for senior citizens, not only provides valuable information about their physical activities, but also alerts carers and loved ones on any emergencies.

Smartwatches are great for young people on the go. The device provides them with optimum mobility without disconnecting them from their web gadgets and tools. It also enables young people to properly train for that triathlon, or simply monitor their active fitness lifestyle.

Another kind of smartwatch decided to focus on a different demographic, senior citizens. CarePredict, a company that uses the latest smart technology to benefit the older generation, has come up with a smartwatch called the CarePredict Tempo, which tracks the daily activities of the user, as well as alert carers and loved one if the wearer needs emergency attention.

CarePredict is not the first company with wearables to cater to seniors. Oxitone, of Israel, as well as other companies, have wrist worn devices that detect heart attacks and changes in blood pressure. CarePredict improves on this existing technology by providing a myriad of features, to give the older generation a smartwatch, that can provide them with comprehensive data on their activities, as well as a way to alert people if they need help.

CarePredict Tempo is worn like a watch, and utilizes sensors that monitor location and motion, to set up a ?Rhythm Journal? that compiles the activities of the user.

The Rhythm Journal takes note of the regular activities of the user, and if the CarePredict Tempo notices a discrepancy in the activities ? based on the motion (number of steps, duration, speed and frequency), as well as the location (bedroom, bathroom, garden etc..), CarePredict immediately alerts a carer or a loved one about it.

How does it work?

According to the website of CarePredict, ? CarePredict? Tempo? uses beacons to understand its location in the home. It sends information to the cloud through a hub to be analyzed on our secure servers. The beacons are small and battery-operated. The hub is discrete and plugged into an outlet and can use your home?s Internet connection or its own.?

For example, if a user is in a lounge area for some time, it may be that he or she is taking a nap. However, if based on the Rhythm Journal, the length of time in that specific area is longer than usual, there may be some cause to be concerned. CarePredict then alerts a carer or a loved one to check on the user of the CarePredict Tempo smartwatch.

The constant monitoring of the daily activities, can also assist carers to note if there is a decrease in the physical activity of the senior citizen, which may indicate a problem and a possible need for medical consultation.

What makes the CarePredict Tempo a wonderful device is that it does not require any task from the senior citizen. No button to press or data to encode. Just wear the smart device and it does all the work.

The CarePredict Tempo is available for pre-order at USD$ 169 dollars. The company also provides monitoring service for USD$ 14.99 per month.

For those who want to be listed in the pre-order, visit the site or contact them at:


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