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Capture once-in-a-lifetime action packed shots without worries

This waterproof drone is what you need to take your water adventures to the next level!

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In recent years, drones have increasingly become a staple in the gadgets list of adventure-seekers and travelers. And it isn’t hard to understand why. Drones can capture a wide array of shots that a typical action camera can’t. And if you want to take your next adventure up a notch, this waterproof drone will certainly do the job!

Introducing the Swellpro Spry+ Waterproof Drone

Swellpro Spry+ Waterproof Drone is a new and improved sports action drone you can take with you in all your water adventures. This new model has a reinforced body and a new user-replaceable GPS module that is faster, stronger and more accurate. In fact, its responsiveness has increased by 50%.

Why choose Spry+ drone?
This drone’s firmware has been enhanced to match the new hardware upgrades and improvement to allow you to enjoy a more stable and smoother flight control. The camera has also been upgraded to bring you better quality photos and videos.

And the best thing about it? This drone is engineered to be waterproof and buoyant! It is specifically designed for a challenging marine environment. This means that you can take action-packed shots you’ve never taken before without worries! Also, it’s got the first ever remote controller you can use even in the rain.

Adventure junkies rejoice! There’s no more missing rare, amazing shots as you can now get to take incredible shots straight from your drone and ready for sharing!