Captain Marvel: Which Actress Should Play The Role?

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With more Marvel films piling up, it?s inevitable that fans will recommend some of their favorite picks to don the Captain Marvel costume.

With the Captain Marvel film still in production plans, no one is still confirmed who will be donning the costume, it is our turn to check out our five picks that we feel that should be given a chance to try out as Captain Marvel. And of course this does not mean that this would be the potential pick for Marvel, as this is just our opinion and probably your picks may be different from ours. So here we go:


Emily Blunt

She has diverse roles in several films, from dramatic roles in Into The Woods to action packed films with Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow. And her role in Edge of Tomorrow landed her a spot here as she shows that she can kick butt and alien butt as well.


Yvonne Strahovksi

After making a big impact on the spy/comedy series Chuck, Yvonne has proven she is one badass spy agent. And not to mention she voiced Miranda Lawson of Mass Effect 2 that also showed her badassery. She can have to role that has brains and deadly skills in beating any evil organization, human or alien.

Emilia Clarke

From fantasy to sci-fi, Emilia become so popular with her roles as Daenerys Targaryen on the Game of Thrones, and then landed a movie role as Sarah Connor for Terminator: Genisys. She can be a mother of dragons and a badass mother meaning she can tackle on strong roles, so giving her the role as Captain Marvel can be a good idea.


Michelle Rodriguez

One true badass lady, Michelle has been taking roles that are more on action. From films like the Fast and the Furious, to SWAT to Machete. She can do her own stunts as well. And she can definitely pack a wallop on to any criminals or evil overlords, so if Marvel wants pure muscle, better pick Michelle Rodriguez then.


Gina Torres

Gina has been in tandem with Joss Whedon, so it is not a surprise if she was pick to play as Captain Marvel, and she definitely deserves it as she has previous roles with powerful women, like from Firefly, which was also directed by Joss Whedon, and she also made some voiced roles for Superwoman, Vixen and Wonder Woman for DC animated films and video games.

So who is your pick as Captain Marvel, share us your suggestion by leaving a comment.

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