?Captain Marvel? Brie Larson Trapped In All-Boys Club New Kong Movie

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“Call me Captain Marvel,” Brie Larson posts on her Twitter account.

The recently confirmed new Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, will not only be taking on the role of the Marvel superhero but she is also trapped in an all-boys club in the new Kong: Skull Island movie. Larson?s career really took off, literally and figuratively, after winning an Oscar for the film, Room.

Captain Marvel

At the recently staged San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Larson?s role as Captain Marvel was officially confirmed. This announcement marks the first time that a woman will be playing the title character in a Marvel Studios movie which will debut in March 2019.

Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, already announced the project in October 2014 and has confirmed that this version of the comic book superhero will be a woman, Entertainment Weekly writes.

Feige said at the SDCC Marvel panel, ?Let me clarify? Captain Marvel has gone by many names in the comics, has had many people who?ve inhabited that costume and used that power base. I want to make it very clear: This hero?s name is Carol Danvers.?

Feige also added that the cinematic version of the superhero will ?straddle two worlds.? She comes from Earthly origins but her ?adventures and power base come from the cosmic realm.?

The character Danvers first debuted in the comics n 1968 in Marvel Super-Heroes #13, as an American security officer who is working alongside an alien, Captain Mar-Vell, sent to Earth to study the planet. She became Ms. Marvel in the comics after genes from an alien race called Kree fused into her human DNA.

She was supposedly set to appear in a cameo at the end credits scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron but they didn?t have an actress for the role yet. EW notes that we will possibly be seeing a cameo in one of the Marvel films to be released prior to her film debut.

Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island stars Larson alongside Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, and John Goodman who fly off to a mysterious ancient island where they encounter the giant ape. A trailer was shown on Saturday at the San Diego Comic-Con.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK5hbs4LOI8]

It is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The film also stars Toby Kebbell, John C. Reilly and Thomas Mann. Skull Island hits theatres March 10, 2017.

At the moment, Larson is filming an adaptation of The Glass Castle, a memoir by Jeannette Walls.

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