Captain America: Steve Rogers #8 Now Available Digitally

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Captain America: Steve Rogers #8

Things got really complicated for Marvel fans after news came out that Captain America is an agent of Hydra.  The storyline is too crazy it’s almost incomprehensible.But everything made sense after Marvel Comics released the Captain America ‘Hail Hydra’ trailer. 

One thing for sure, Captain America: Steve Rogers trailer is enough to keep its fans on the track for Marvel’s new story arc. Well, at least for now.

Captain America Hail Hydra Trailer

The concept of Captain America working for Hydra wasn’t really able to pull the heartstrings of Marvel fans when it was first released. Some figured that Marvel was just doing the twist to level up after the success of rewriting Steve Rogers’ history through the Cosmic Cube.

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On the contrary, Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz made sure to impress the fans in the upcoming comic book series. The creators even madesure to produce the Captain America Hail Hydra trailer. Even if it’s just a comic book.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #8

As per Comic Book, the new story arc is bound to add a new perspective to the Captain America comic book series with the twists that both Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz incorporated in the story. With everything that’s happening in “Hail Hydra,” there’s really no reason not to look forward to the next book series!

Where to Look for Captain America: Steve Rogers #8

Steve Rogers is set to make a comeback after the many years of chaos.

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With the Marvel Universe and S.H.I.E.L.D slowly coming apart, and the Red Skull carrying an army across Europe, it’s about time Rogers wear his Captain America costume again!

Expect all of these thrills in Captain America: Steve Rogers #8 available at all local comic book retailers. Fans can also browse the Marvel Digital Comic Shop for the digital copy of the comic series.

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