?Captain America: Civil War? Update: Leaked Photo Shows New Iron Man Suit, Hawkeye Accidentally Reveals Siding With Captain Rogers!

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Iron Man 4

Robert Downey Jr. may be manning a new Iron Man suit to fight against the new villains as well as Captain America?s crew in Captain America: Civil War.

A set-picture outed by Heroic Hollywood shows a new suit which looks similar to the comic?s ?Bleeding Edge Armor?. According to Screen Rant, the Bleeding Edge Armor is powerful with the ability to boost Tony Stark?s intellect and skill to craft new weapons. The armor also allows him to have a full 360 degrees vision of his surroundings as well as an ability to create an energy sword.

According to the Iron Man wiki, this suit enabled Stark to become ?the most powerful hero in the world.?

?It can go toe to toe with Thor and savagely beat an amped Red Hulk,? the Iron Man wiki stated.

Tony Stark wearing this suit will help provide more exciting plot points for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Bleeding Edge is actually a fluid substance inside Stark that helps improve his basic abilities including his intellect, Screen Rant reported. ?This would prevent his enemies from using his technology against him and, as seen in Age of Ultron, it?s clear Tony wants to keep pushing his technology forward,? the report said.

Iron Man's Bleeding Edge Armor.

Set-photo reveals?a new Iron Man suit. Photo lifted from Heroic Hollywood.

Who does Hawkeye Side With?

Apart from rumors, not much concrete details has been released on who each heroes will side with in the war. Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) however accidentally slipped his role after a witty fan asked him ?how he felt about siding with the First Avenger? for Civil War, IGN reported.

Jeremy Renner: ?I don?t know; they wrote me in that side. It made sense to me.?

Renner however quickly backpedaled: ?maybe I switch sides!?

This spill might confirm that Black Widows (Scarlett Johannson) might be siding with Iron Man as she was seen fighting against Hawkeye in the D23 Captain America: Civil War trailer.

Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters on May 6, 2016.

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