Captain America: Civil War D23 Trailer: Tension Between Iron Man and Captain America Is ?Weak?, Winter Soldier Gets More Exposure, Spider-Man Only Minor Cast?

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The upcoming blockbuster superhero movie in 2016 looks to be less grounded on the comics based on the new Disney D23 2015 Captain America: Civil War trailer and recent cast interviews.?The fight between Iron Man and Captain America’s side also seems to have lesser stakes on hand as a weak tension from the two factions can be heavily felt from the trailer.

The D23 Captain America 3 trailer reportedly shows the Avengers fighting Crossbones and the Winter Soldier regaining his memory. The trailer also confirms the inclusion of the Superhero Registration Act with Iron Man telling Captain America: “Without boundaries, we?re no better than the bad guys.? The idea of superheroes against one another was further reinforced when the clip showed Black Widow fighting Hawkeye.

Marvel Comics vs MCU

The D23 trailer however suggests a less personal fight between the two teams in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?(MCU). It might just be Robert Downey Jr.?s humor as Tony Stark, but the way he threatened Rogers felt weak. This was the same way when Black Widow asks Hawkeye if they are?still friends and?Hawkeye responded: Depends on how hard you hit me.?

The weak?tension between the two sides was reinforced by Anthony Mackie (Falcon) as he describes the fight as a ?sibling rivalry?: ?It is more of a family dispute?That?s what?s so great about this movie and the characters how they work together. It?s more so when you have a sibling rivalry?Everyone has fought one of their siblings or one of their friends?wanted to make up with them but couldn?t figure out the best way to do it,? Mackie told IGN.

The Superhero Registration Act was not a shoehorned idea in the Marvel comics as it took a toll on numerous heroes especially Spider-Man as the act forced them to reveal their identities and turn themselves over to the government. Cap took the traditional route and formed an Anti-Registration. This wasn?t a short and petty fight as Iron Man became nefarious in his ways as he corroborated with villains to apprehend Cap and his team which even resulted to Black Goliath, a hero on the Anti-Registration, to be killed.

Black Panther was briefly shown in the D23 trailer, however, Spider-Man wasn?t shown at all which might confirm rumors that he will be only be playing a minor role in this film. This is slightly worrying for fans as he was the turning-point for the opposing factions in the comics as he switched sides after realizing that Iron Man?s ways were becoming evil.

The film also looks to be slightly modifying the story of Black Panther as the recently leaked photos suggests that the?Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes is?the killer of Panther’s father, T’Chaka, instead of Ullyses Klaw.

Who causes the Disaster? Why Were the Heroes Split?

The scene in the D23 Captain America: Civil War trailer where the Avengers fights Crossbones might confirm a rumor from Heroic Hollywood that Scarlett Witch and Cap were held responsible for a catastrophic incident costing lives to be lost as they were?unable to contain Crossbones from setting a massive explosion. Scarlett Wich was rumored to be unable to contain the blast that Crossbones ignited.

This rumored incident is closely similar to the Marvel comics where a superhero team called the New Warriors failed in their operation to apprehend a villain which resulted to a total casualty count of 600. Also included were 60 bodies of school children. This caused the Superhero Registration Act to be implemented which was supported by Tony Stark, but was rejected by Steve Rogers, ultimately causing a divide among?the heroes. The omission of the New Warriors in the latest Marvel film is understandable as they weren’t established in the film.

We don?t know yet if Marvel?s decision to make lessen the tension will harm the impact of the show, however, we might be caught off-guard as the film is being directed by the Russo Brothers who did a spectacular and shocking take on Captain America: Winter Soldier.

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