?Captain America: Civil War? Spoilers: Spider-Man To Fight Captain America?

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The Captain America: Civil War cast is now filming in Germany an Spider-Man actor Tom Holland just flew to the country as a report said he is there to?film a?fight scene with Captain America.

According to sources from Heroic Hollywood, Spider-Man will be fighting against Captain America who is the leader of the anti-registration act.

This may mean that Spider-Man will have a large role to fulfill like in the Marvel comics where he was first an ally of the pro-registration leader, Iron Man. He then switches to Steve Roger?s side after realizing the wrong ways of Iron Man, meaning we?ll get a lot of action from Spidey!

Holland flying all the way to Germany just to film this fight gives us three possibilities:

  • We see Spider-Man unmasked in a few scenes eitherbefore or after wearing the costume. Holland is a bit late in arriving in Germany, meaning we might see more Spider-Man than Peter Parker scenes as he would just dub his voice while a stunt double portrays the hero.
  • We may see Holland play as Peter Parker in his home. This is highly probable as a rumor leaked just this week that the Civil War props team rented a room which they said was to be used as Peter Parker?s bedroom. This venue might be used for Tony Stark to approach Spidey to recruit him for the pro-registration cause which eventually leads him to his fight with Steve Rogers.
  • Spidey may fulfill his original purpose in the Civil war comics where he reveals his identity to prove that he supports Iron Man?s cause. This was a groundbreaking revelation as he has a lot of loved ones in danger unlike other heroes who openly have their real identities on display. If you?re doubting how the standalone Marvel Spider-Man film will work if he reveals his identity in Civil War, don?t worry because in the comics, a hero magically makes everyone forget that he revealed his identity.

According to Cinemablend however, we shouldn’t expect the web-crawler to get enough screen-time despite of the rumored Captain America vs Spidey fight scene because of the numerous characters and story-arcs that the film needs to establish.

“Still, even if this fight truly is in the movie, we shouldn?t expect to see Spider-Man as one of the leading players. If the pro-registration and anti-registration heroes weren?t enough, there?s also Black Panther fulfilling his own agenda, villains Baron Zemo and Crossbones on the loose, and supporting characters like General Ross and Martin Freeman?s unnamed character getting involved.”

How do you think Marvel will handle Spidey?s debut in the MCU?

Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters on May 6, 2016.

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