Captain America Civil War Spider-Man Costume Revealed, Does Tom Holland?s Suit Look Better Than Toby Maguire & Andrew Garfield’s Versions?

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The long wait is over, as the new Captain America: Civil War trailer has been released, revealing the character everyone has been waiting for: Spider-Man. Everyone who saw the video seemingly lost their mind seeing a younger version of the character adorably say ?hey everyone,? as he took Captain America?s shield and webbed up his hands.

Of course, now that fans have calmed down a little, a minor debate has started about the new Spider-Man costume Tom Holland will be wearing and if it?s better than the ones Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield wore.

It?s clear from the trailer that the Captain America Civil War Spider-Man costume pays tribute to his classic outfit while also adding a few new elements. His eyes are smaller, and they emote like they do in the comics, but the black lines that surround the suit are new, likely to show that it?s different from the ones in the Sony films.

Hearing the costume move a bit, it?s clear that it was a suit made by Tony Stark and not something he knitted in his basement. Some inspiration has also been taken from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, since all the red parts in his arm no longer connect.

Spidey?s suit from the original trilogy directed by Sam Raimi was very faithful to the costume Steve Ditko designed for the character, with a few metallic parts added to make the suit look more credible for audiences. The Amazing Spider-Man films had two costumes for Peter Parker; the one in the first film was built from scratch and completely different from what he wore in the comics, while the second one was probably the most faithful to the source material.

Which suit is the best? It?s all up to the audience, really. To be fair, this new Spider-man costume in Captain America Civil War is far from ugly, and it tries to be faithful to the comics while also adding some new elements that will help it stand out from the previous films. It?s a good suit in its own right and doesn?t need to be compared with the ones from the other films.

Captain America: Civil War premieres on May 6. A new Spider-Man film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will debut sometime in 2017, focusing on Peter Parker?s high school endeavors.

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