Captain America Civil War: Spider-Man Costume Confirmed? Spidey Going Retro? Suit Already Seen

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Numerous fans have long been anticipating how Marvel?s version of Spider-Man will look like in Captain America Civil War. It looks like we?ll finally hear what the suit looks like in the coming days as a number of people have reportedly seen Spidey?s new costume and it might look a lot like the Spidey?s old days in the comics.

Marvel held a 15-minute screening of Captain America Civil War a few days ago and a theater staff was able to see what the suit looked like, Heroic Hollywood reported. According to their source, the new costume will have the big spider logo used in Spider-Man 62 and the Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Cartoon.

The old logo of Spidey. Photo lifted from Heroic Hollywood.

The old logo of Spidey. Photo lifted from Heroic Hollywood.

If this logo will be used on?Spidey?s costume, there is a big possibility that the entire suit will have a classic and return to roots design. The current Spidey films used a slender looking logo on his back. You can see how much fat has been trimmed from the logo in the photo below from Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 logo

This rumor has a high chance of becoming true as it syncs with what Marvel boss Kevin Feige previously said. ?I was more involved in the Raimi ones, and think they did a very good job. But that being said, we?ve already designed the costume, which is different than any of the ones that have come before. And yet ours is classic Spidey, as I think you?ll see.?

This new information also brings to life previous rumors that Spidey will be wearing a total of two costumes in Captain America Civil War: a home-made costume as well as his classic blue and red suit. Previous rumors also said that it will be Iron Man who makes a ?hero ready? costume for Spidey to replace his home-made outfit.

Captain America Civil War will be released in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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