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Captain America Civil War With Spider Man: 3 Roles He Can Play In Movie

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The newest trailer for Captain America: Civil War is already out and it finally featured our friendly neighbor, Spider-Man. However, it is not clear on whose side he is on, if he is with Team Iron Man or with Team Captain America. So, let us discuss the possible roles that the superhero could be playing in the movie.

Spidey showed up at the last part of the second Civil War official trailer right after Tony Stark/Iron Man uttered, ?Alright, I?ve run out of patience.? He then shouted ?Underoos!? and the next thing we knew Captain America?s shield goes up in the air as his hands are covered with webs. Right on cue, Spider-Man burst into the screen quipping, ?Hey everyone!?

Watch the second trailer of Captain America: Civil War.

That was the first time we saw Spidey in action with the Avengers, because in the character?s past movies, he is working alone or if he is with somebody, it was not someone who already took part in other Marvel movies like Hulk, Thor, or even agent Romanov and Hawkeye, which would make us all think, on whose side is he really on?

Now, let us jump to the predictions of Spider-Man?s role in the movie.

Spider-Man Is With Team Iron Man

Well, this is the basic assumption that everyone can think of. It is generally because at the last part of the trailer, it was Tony Stark who shouted before Spidey jumped into the action, grabbed Captain?s shield, before greeting everybody. Plus, when our friendly neighbor tied Steve Rogers? hands, that would definitely give us the idea of Spider-Man taking Iron Man?s side.

Another thing that could probably be a hint is Spidey?s new costume. It was like a mechanical one and does not feature the old school appearance of the superhero. According to Techno Buffalo, the suit could be given by Tony Stark to Spider-Man for him to take his side. However, we know our friendly neighbor, he is not the type of hero who would take a bribe for something.

Spider-Man as an Arbiter

Another possible role for Spidey is as a mediator. He could be tasked by a special action group to take part in the heated battle between team Iron Man and team Captain America and bring them together in peace. However, if that would really be the case, then he just got into a big world of trouble by interfering in the action.

Spider-Man Is With Team Captain America

Clearly, this is the last possible scenario for Spidey?s role. But, there are still possibilities this could happen. How? Here is a theory. When Iron Man shouted ?Underoos!?, he was not really calling Spider-Man. Tony Stark was really referring to another friend or hero, however, it was Spider-Man who jumped into the action. But why did Spidey grab the Captain?s shield? Maybe it was just a show for Team Captain America to make Tony Stark believe that the superhero is on their side.

With all the mentioned speculations, it is a must to remember that those are just fan-based predictions and there are no assurances that these would happen in the movie. But, there is only one thing you could do to confirm Spider-Man?s role, and that is to watch the movie.

Captain America: Civil War will hit the cinemas on April 27, 2016.

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