?Captain America: Civil War? Plot: No Iron Spider Suit! Iron Man Gives Spider-Man New Tec, Will Make Spidey ?Hero Ready?

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Captain America: Civil War is gearing-up to become the biggest superhero movie next year as it introduces new heroes into their already jam-packed roster. The new heroes will star alongside established favorites like Iron Man and Steve Rogers as a recent report revealed that the studio is reportedly looking to establish the characters before their standalone films releases in the coming years.

A recent report leaked that the Civil War movie will be establishing how Spider-Man controlled his powers. According to Latino-Review, an insider has told them that Iron Man will be giving Spidey a mechanical device to create Spidey?s web shooters.

?When we first meet young Spider-Man, Peter Parker will be a hero using only things a teenager has access to while Stark has the ability of making more ?hero ready? suits (he has a line about making the Avengers ?look cool? in Age of Ultron),? Latino-Review wrote.

This rumor seems plausible as Marvel?s version of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is a high school teenage student. Parker will likely have insufficient funds to access the technology to help him control his web shooters.

Amazing Spider-Man?s Parker (Andrew Garfield) was portrayed as a college student who had enough funds on his own to buy his own camera and make his own tech to control his web shooters. Sam Raimi?s Spider-Man, on the other hand, had Parker using an organic web shooter.

Iron Spider-Man Armor


Iron Spider Armor Suit Debunked

Previous rumors said that we will be seeing Spidey wear a homemade suit and the Civil War comic?s Iron Man Spider Armor as provided by Tony Stark. Latino-Review, however, debunked the rumors saying that it will not be a part of the movie. They however did not discredit that Stark may provide Spidey a new costume along with the tech he provides, so we may still see him don both the homemade suit and the classic blue-and-red costume as surfaced by another rumor.

Captain America: Civil War will be released in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Meanwhile, Avengers: Infinity War will be released on May 4, 2018 and Thanos actor Josh Brolin has spilled the details on what we can expect for the two-part film.

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