Captain America Civil War Plot: How Different Is The Comics To The Movie Version?

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With the release of the new trailer for Civil War, what makes it different from the original comic book arc?

Civil War may start next year, so while we wait for more updates and news on the upcoming Captain America film, let us take a look on the difference between the original 2006 comic book crossover story with the 2016 Marvel movie. Though there are maybe some portions that will be faithful to the original, but to make it more consistent to the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are some changes to the story. So let us begin

How Civil War started

In the comics, a team of young superheroes called the New Warriors where fighting a group of villains when they sparked an explosion that killed hundreds of people and almost totaled a nearby school. This as a result started the Superhuman Registration Act; where superheroes are now required to register their full identity and will now work under the government. This registration act is being supported by Tony Stark (Iron Man), however Steve Rogers (Captain America) is against the new law and become the government?s enemy, this caused other superheroes to pick different sides and became enemies to former friends, families and lovers.

We might see a different take on the movie version, as there is no New Warriors in the movie and they are more focused on Bucky (Winter Soldier), it is possible that there will be a conflict between Iron Man and Captain America as Bucky is in between, it could be Bucky made something disastrous at this period, but we will find out more soon

Characters involved

In the comic book version, a lot of characters were involved, making this one of the biggest and most shocking comic book story arc in Marvel.

In the movie, only few will have involvement, with the possible exception of Thor and Hulk, the rest of the Avengers will torn apart and will be picking sides in Civil War. Along with newcomers Ant-Man and the recently revealed Black Panther, and let us not forget the rumored appearance of Spider-Man in the film.


At the end of the comic book story, it turns out Iron Man?s side won the war, as Captain America realized that he is doing more harm than good, but at the end of the story, Cap was assassinated and was presumed dead. It was then Bucky?s turn to take up the shield as the new Captain America. Then of course characters who died in the comic books will eventually resurrect.

We can?t be sure how Civil War will end and if Bucky will become the new Captain America, or if Steve Rogers will get killed or whoever may actually win. But we will soon find out once Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 5, 2016.

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