Captain America: Civil War Plot Deviates From Comics, No Super Hero Registration Act In Movie? Reason Behind The Feud With Iron Man Revealed!

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The Captain America: Civil War plot element of the Super Hero Registration act from may be absent from the movie. The Super Hero Registration Act was the main focus of the Civil War comics and many have expected this to be the same for the Marvel movie. Recent reports however said this won?t be the case.

According to Birth.Movies.Death, the Super Hero Registration Act (SHRA) is unlikely to happen in the film because the public already knows the identity of almost all heroes. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark will unlikely fight over unmasking secret identities and will instead focus on something like this: ?Who watches the watchmen??

The SHRA was an integral plot element in the civil war comics as Rogers opposed Stark clinging to the government?s ideals that superheroes must publicly reveal their identities to world and turn themselves in to the government. It?s like being officially recognized that you?re a super hero.

There are only a few heroes in the Civil War movie that haven?t publicly revealed their identity yet and because of this, the film will unlikely focus on SHRA, Birth.Movies.Death reported. ?This isn?t going to be a movie where Cap and Iron Man fight over whether Daredevil and Spider-Man get to maintain their secret IDs. It?s a larger question of responsibility, and to whom these heroes answer,? the report said.

What Is The Plot?

Captain America: Civil War will instead focus on the Sokovia Accords which is a global movement to govern superheroes, IB Times reported. They said that this will still be a bit similar to the SHRA: ?Though the plot is similar to that of the comic in some sense, the film is more about superhero supervision and responsibility in the broader sense and not about unmasking and secret identities,? IB Times reported based on Bith.MoviesDeath?s rumor.

Captain America: Civil War will be released in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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