?Captain America Civil War? Plot: Why Are Cap & Iron Man Fighting Again?

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Captain America Civil War

Marvel fans are super excited as the premiere of ?Captain America Civil War? is only a couple of months away. The third film of the Captain America movie franchise gets a very interesting storyline as it will showcase a showdown between Captain America and Iron Man. While these two superheroes are usually fighting alongside each other, what exactly happened that caused a rift between them?

According to Cinema Blend, Captain America Civil War is based on Marvel?s major crossover event, Civil War written by Mark Millar. The plot in the comics and in the upcoming movie sees Captain America and Iron Man take different sides when political pressure resulted in the regulation of superhero activity. This development came about due to a major international incident caused by our heroes fighting against evil, which caused a lot of collateral damage.

While the proposed regulation, which will govern our protagonists, doesn?t appear to cause a rift between Captain America and Iron Man, the conflict came about when Cap, whose real identity is Steve Rogers, attempts to save his sidekick Bucky. Because of this, he clashes with Tony Stark aka Iron Man who strongly supports the government regulation.

The conflict between Iron Man and Captain America will cause a very big impact such that the other superheroes in the Avengers are forced to choose sides as they former allies clash with each other.

While no further details have been leaked by the directors of the upcoming film, brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, Cleveland.com reports that the two have said in an interview that the upcoming third installment of the Captain America films will continue to be even more aggressive and gritty as compared to Captain America: Winter Soldier.

With only a few months left before the release of Captain America: Civil War, expect more and more news about the movie to surface in the coming weeks. Make sure you check back here to find out the latest news and updates about Captain America Civil War which will hit theaters near you very soon.

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