Spider-Man Fight Scene In Captain America: Civil War? The Hulk Appears On-Set

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It looks like Spider-Man will be making more than a cameo appearance in the Marvel blockbuster Captain America: Civil War, as reports said the web-slinger will engage in a fight scene. The jam-packed cast also seems to be adding more superheroes to its roster as Mark Ruffalo who plays Bruce Banner/The Hulk is rumoured to appear after being seen on-set.

A source from?Birth.Movies.Death?reported that viewers?will see the web-crawler get ?his hands dirty?:

?He fights. And his fight scene might be the one that really gets fandom excited? not because of how top tier the face-off will be, but because of how profoundly dorky and unlike any other big screen superhero fight it will be.”

Tom Holland appearing on-set was not necessary as a stuntman can fulfil the Spider-Man appearances while Holland puts voice overs in a studio, Slash Film reported. Only scenes where Spidey?doesn?t wear a mask will necessitate Holland to appear on-set.

Hollands? Spider-Man reportedly finished shooting his role in Captain America: Civil War as Marvel?s Spider-Man reboot writers John Daley and Johnathan Goldstein previously said they were going to check what was done for his role in the jam-packed hero film. This prior interview fuelled speculations that Spidey will only be making a small cameo.

Spidey engaging in a fight scene will surely be interesting if true. But still, like all rumors, we can only?wait and see if these?rumors are really going to happen.

The Hulk in Captain America: Civil War

Mark Ruffalo is now rumoured to be appearing?in the Captain America: Civil War movie as photos surfaced showing The Hulk actor partying on-set, Comicbook reported. He was reportedly?seen with Captain America (Chris Evans), Falcon (Anthony Mackie), and supervillain Baron Zemo (Daniel Br?hl)

Whether Ruffalo?s appearance on-set means an appearance of The Hulk or a mere cameo of the actor partying remains to be seen. Ruffalo using The Hulk is a big deal on a movie that tells a rivalry between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. Will he be siding with Iron Man as shown?by?his actions in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

If both of these characters will be engaging in fight scenes, then Marvel fans are sure for a treat. Marvel already has an incredible pool of superheroes which they have shown on the big screen and it seems that they are utilizing all their available characters as Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man is rumored to be reprising his role for an Iron Man 4 film?and is also rumored to show up for the standalone Spider-Man film.

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