Captain America Civil War New Trailer Almost Complete, To Release With Star Wars The Force Awakens? Spider-Man Will Look ?Awesome?

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The film jam-packed with heroes that its being regarded as a new Avengers movie, Captain America Civil War, is rumored to publicly unveil their trailer this December. A recent statement from the directors of the film give light to these rumors as they reportedly almost done making the trailer.

?The trailer is almost complete,? director Joe Russo reportedly told a Reddit user who attended a panel at a community college in Cleveland. ?With just a few special effects left to edit in, it should be out soon. You?re really going to enjoy it.?

Trailer Release Date

Jedi?s, laser blasters, and other Star Wars related things aren?t the only things you?re going to see when you watch ?Star Wars The Force Awakens? this December 18. According to Collider, the latest Captain America Civil War trailer will debut with the screening of Star Wars The Force Awaken.

The debut of the trailer was first rumored to release with the James Bond movie ?Spectre?. However, priming the trailer with the highly anticipated sci-fi Disney film looks more plausible, the report said. And we should have already seen the trailer by now if it debuted with the screening of Spectre as the James Bond movie is currently showing in cinemas.

To quench your thirst for the Marvel movie, you can watch the leaked Civil War trailers below. The first one doesn?t show much as it is only a teaser trailer. The latter is the leaked D23 trailer?which shows the fight sequences with a number of beloved?Marvel characters.


Many have long awaited Spider-Man to grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and many are excited as Captain America Civil War will be Spidey?s foray in the MCU. Many have long speculated how Spider-Man?s appearance will look like in the MCU and when Russo was asked by the Reddit user about Spidey?s appearance, he was simply given a ?He?s awesome? response.

Captain America Civil War will hit cinemas this May 6, 2016.

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