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Captain America Civil War Movie Spoilers: Who’s Siding With Who & What Are They Bringing To The Table? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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When the very first trailer for Captain America: Civil War came out, lines were drawn in the sand. And while the movie is limited in both scope and characters when compared to the comic book event that happened back between 2006 – 2007, you can?t help but notice that things aren?t exactly fair in this fight.

For one thing, #TeamStark has a boatload of extremely powerful characters. Black Widow is perhaps the most normal member of the team, and even then, she?s still a pretty tough customer. Add the walking arsenals of both Iron Man and War Machine, and the cosmic potential of The Vision?I honestly don?t see how Captain America?s making this out alive.

Not that #TeamCap doesn?t have its own set of heavy hitters. The Captain America-Bucky Barnes combination is a team of rugged war veterans, both experts at hand-to-hand combat and tactical warfare. You?ve also got Hawkeye and Sharon Carter, both top operatives of The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D., respectively, who bring plenty of covert expertise to the table.

But who, really, are the big guns in either camp? The only thing clear so far is that #TeamStark is a clear show of force from our very own Tony Stark, and #TeamCap is the clear underdog in this showdown. ?There?re so many characters in this film that it?s somewhat difficult to identify who?s stronger than who.

But fear not, true believers! We?ve come up with a handy little infographic that will give you an idea of the characters to look out for in Captain America: Civil War. And while we may be basing a lot of this from what happened in the comics?the films might not reflect comic canon?it will give you a better appreciation of the characters in the film. And perhaps, enjoy the film even more.

Not that we need any more reason to like it, right? Check the infographic below:

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