?Captain America: Civil War? Leaked Trailer From D23 Is Fake! Scenes From The Real Trailer Here (Spoliers)

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Don?t get fooled by supposed leaked videos popping out on the internet like the Captain America: Civil War trailer supposedly from D23. Those are just the old leaked trailers from San Diego Comic Con.

It?s either no one managed to record the video or Disney was very strict in controlling the leakage this time, but if you are still curious on what was previewed during the D23 Expo last weekend, here are the details that actually came out:

The trailer starts with Captain America, Falcon and Black Widow dealing with the villain Crossbones as he blows up a truck. During the scuffle, Crossbones unmasked himself and tells cap about Bucky, where the scenes shows the after credits from the Ant-Man movie where Cap and Falcon are talking to the captured Bucky, who is the Winter Soldier.

Next we saw General Thunderbolt Ross talking to Cap about him becoming a vigilante as a perspective of other people, then it moved to a scene with Tony Stark and Cap having a discussion of how they are being different from villains.

Then the footage rolls with shots of the superheroes delivering some great lines like “In this job, you try to save everybody you can. Sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody,” from Captain America.? There is also a quick shot of revealing the Black Panther, then some quick shots of heroes fighting for their chosen side with Hawkeye and Black Widow fighting and landing some funny lines.

The footage ended with Hawkeye opening the van, to reveal Ant-Man, where he is starstruck on seeing Captain America, with a closing line of “Thanks for thanking of me,” on his fumble attempt to speak.


So far there is still no sign of Spider-Man, but it was already announced that he will have a large role for Captain America: Civil War, we also get to see Falcon pet sidekick; Redwing, but instead of a real falcon, Redwing is more of a flying drone.

So if you saw those so-called leak trailers that claimed to be from D23 and it does not match with the descriptions below, then those are totally fake.

Captain America: Civil War will be in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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