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?Captain America: Civil War? Leaked Photos Reveal Spider-Man Home-made Costume? Iron Man To Also Provide Spidey With Beefed-up Suit Confirmed?

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Spider-Man?s Tom Holland is rumored to wear two unique Spidey costumes in the Captain America: Civil War movie with Peter Parker first using a homemade suit, until Robert Downey Jr.?s Iron Man gives him his traditional blue and red superheroS outfit.

Current Spider-Man rumors point towards Spidey abandoning his red and gold costume in the Captain America: Civil War comics, and it seems that Heroic Hollywood is piecing together all the rumors that came out. They believe that all the rumored costume changes will happen in the jam-packed superhero Marvel movie in 2016.

Spider-Man is pegged as a young high school student in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which forces Peter Parker to craft a homemade outfit, until Tony Stark gives him a new outfit that Spidey deserves, Heroic Hollywood reported.

Rumored Spider-Man Costume

Fan Art Spider-Man Costume by SpikeSDM.

This new rumor makes more sense as Captain America: Civil War happens before the events in the standalone film by Peter Parker.

Previous rumors states that Spidey will wear his good looking classic blue and red outfit in Civil War. In the standalone movie, a homemade outfit will first be worn by the web-slinger until he receives a new costume from Iron Man. These previous rumors requires a big appearance of Robert Downey Jr which is inconvenient for Marvel.

HOMEMADE Spidey Suit Leaks?

A blurry close-up image of a man crawling atop a building with a mask is sparking rumors that it is the homemade suit the web-crawler wears in Captain America: Civil War. A figure that looks like Iron Man can also be seen in the background.

Judging the veracity of this photo is difficult?because the photo is easy to manipulate as

the guy?s face is concealed by a bland looking mask, WeGotThisCovered reported.

Spider-Man leaked fake homemade costume?

Alleged homemade Spider-Man costume circulating on the internet.

Another photo with an unmasked guy wearing a blue and red top along with a blue jeans and rubber shoes has become viral, making many think this is the first leaked image of Tom Holland in the set. This scene however is from a Spanish film called Maria y el Arana, Comicbook reported.

Rumored first look at Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

Rumored first look at Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

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