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Captain America Civil War 2 Teased: Fight With Iron Man Not Over?

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Marvel may be teasing a second part to one of its biggest and most successful comic events to ever make, ?Civil War.? Shortly after finishing their previous comic event ?Secret Wars,? Marvel is already setting its sight on another massive event that will surely get comic fans excited once again.

Civil War II revealed?

Rumors about the sequel of ?Civil War? came from a tweet from comic book store retailer Ryan Higgins, who posted a picture of a postcard that was sent out to retailers from Marvel themselves, according to io9. The image on one side shows a clash between Iron Man clashing with the current Captain America, Sam Wilson while the other showed a Roman numeral sign of the number two, in the font used for the previous ?Civil War? comic event, together with a rumored ?Spring 2016? release date.

Captain America: Civil War plot

In a recent report, fans have been wondering if the movie version of Captain America Civil War will remain faithful to the comics because the real identities of the heroes are already publicly known. A statement from Chris Evans (Captain America) has now hinted that the?issue of fighting for one?s secret identity?is not present in the film.

Chris Evans said the main conflict in the movie is two teams fighting one another because of their divisive ideals on whether heroes should be regulated by the government,?Comicbook?reported. ?Tony actually thinks we should be signing these accords and reporting to somebody and Cap, who?s always been a company man and has always been a better soldier, actually doesn?t trust anymore,? Evans said.

The teased postcard from Marvel is well in fact just in time for ?Captain America: Civil War? to hit theaters. So it?s a slick move for them to make a somewhat ?announcement? of Civil War 2. There?s still no official announcement on whether or not the sequel of ?Civil War? is a sure thing from Marvel but we?re sure to hear more once they make their final plans.


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