CAPCOM: We Hear Our Fans, So Here You Go

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Capcom is known for it?s ultra high quality games, so getting DLC for a Capcom top tier title is always a good thing, continue on for the details.

The following information on how and when we?ll be able to get the DLC content.

Fans who pre-order Lost Planet 2 at GameStop locations in North America will be able to download two new maps where they can engage in battle during the 16-player multiplayer versus modes of Lost Planet 2. Originally announced as a GameStop exclusive, the playable skin of Resident Evil 5?s Albert Wesker and the powerful Magnum Revolver weapon received such massive demand, Capcom decided to give them to everyone who purchased the game.

The new map packs include:

The underwater NEVEC mining facility houses several layers and twisted corridors.  Swim between the layers, or dive to the bottom to change your point of attack.  Aqua Catapults can launch you to the upper levels in a hurry, and you must learn every corner and get the upper hand on your enemies.  

helix_01 helix_02 helix_03

Back to the Island
The shady atoll of Island 902 is broken into wide open spaces and compact interiors.  Choose your battlefield from the beaches to the battered carrier, or explore a new dimension in the underwater battle.  Control the bridge to dominate the map, but beware attacks from all sides.  

back_to_the_island_01 back_to_the_island_02 back_to_the_island_03

To battle on these two new map packs, you can pre-order now at: GAMESTOP



After months of speculation, the development team that brought localized splitscreen gameplay to Resident Evil 5 has confirmed that they will be doing it again.  With the introduction of two-player splitscreen gameplay to Lost Planet 2, gamers can join the battle for control of the precious thermal energy on E.D.N III alongside a friend from the same living room.

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