Capcom Utilizes XLOC for Global Release of "Dark Void"

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Looks like XLOC will be the guns behind getting out your copy of Dark Void into your localization world wide. Capcom wanted to get the game out as soon as possible to all locations/regions around the world. Smart move to hand off localization to a third party company known as a leader in content localization. Hit the break for the presser.

Here?s the full press report, enjoy.!

Dark VoidTM Blasts Off Worldwide with XLOC?s Localization Solution

Capcom? leverages localization management solution for multi-SKU and multi-platform release

January 19, 2010 – XLOC, the leading provider of global localization solutions for video games, is proud to announce that its technology was used in the global release of the long-awaited Dark VoidTM. Developed by Capcom?, Dark Void was localized into French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Czech and Russian on the Xbox 360?, PLAYSTATION?3, and Windows PC.

?XLOC?s solution was an essential part of releasing Dark Void to action lovers around the globe. An international, multi-SKU title release in seven languages and six platforms is an overwhelming task,? said Capcom Senior Producer Morgan Gray. ?With XLOC?s localization expertise, our time to market was significantly reduced and we were able to create a much smoother and standardized development process.?

Dark Void
is a science-fiction action-adventure game that combines aerial and on-foot combat for a unique third-person shooter experience. The speed and scale of the action-filled game make it unique, along with its delivery of total freedom of movement to players while they race against UFOs in high-speed chases and rain death from above onto unsuspecting otherworldly foes. Upon entering ?the void,? players take on the role of Will, a pilot dropped into the parallel universe by incredible circumstances, who finds himself struggling to survive and must join forces with the rebel human group called ?the survivors? to fight off the aliens threatening Earth.

?Working with Capcom on Dark Void is such a rewarding experience. Capcom?s continuous success can be, in part, accredited to its persistence on reaching mature audiences globally,? said Stephanie O?Malley Deming, president and co-founder of XLOC. ?Our team has assisted Capcom with the complex task of localizing this title, and we are thrilled that our solution allowed them to release on multiple consoles and numerous languages concurrently.?

The XLOC system was created based on industry experience, with a goal of continually enhancing its features to meet constantly evolving market needs, and offering the utmost flexibility. XLOC offers a completely customizable management solution for integrating localization into game development to enable simultaneous global shipment. As developers provide their latest assets, XLOC dynamically synchronizes with these localized game resources, proactively generating current, changing asset lists and separating the translation effort from game asset format specifics. This process allows for asset updates to be seen in real time by developers, translators and publishers, and expedites time to market.

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