Capcom To Release 16 New Characters in Street Fighter 5, DLC Plans In The Works

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Street Fighter 5

Capcom has consistently released numerous iterations of its Street Fighter game with little additions, angering gamers who have purchased the game on the first day as costs could reach over?$150?if you purchase all succeeding content. But Capcom has had a change of heart recently as it plans to stray from its disc-based model, unveil 16 characters at launch and release additional characters and content continually for free.

?Our goal is to have a constantly evolving Street Fighter world that delivers fun for all different player types,? Capcom Director of Brand Marketing & eSports Matt Dahlgren told eventhubs at the 2015 EVO panel.

Street Fighter 5 will only introduce 16 characters at launch, which includes 4 brand new characters, so as to not overwhelm new entries to the franchise, Dahlgren said.

Dahlgren said Street Fighter 5 aims to have a ?consumer friendly? approach as their new plan creates additional long-term engagement with players. Players will now be rewarded the more they play and they are ensured that when they boot-up their game, new characters and balance adjustments will be made free of charge. This was in stark contrast to Capcom?s previous money-grabbing strategy which drained people?s interest from the game.

?Essentially, what we did over time with Street Fighter 4 is made our player pool smaller and smaller by eliminating people who didn?t purchase the upgrades. That old method forced players to purchase all of the new content, even if only a few characters were really appealing to them,? Dahlgren said.

Street Fighter 5?will have two types of in-game currency, Fight Money and Zenny. ?Fight money can only obtained by playing the game, and that?s what you use to earn the gameplay related content,? Dahlgren said adding that Zenny is purchasable with real money to speed up process so you can immediately buy characters and other content.

Capcom seems to have redeemed itself from gamers, and the SF5 tour in U.K. even wowed attendees.

A Street Fighter 5?beta will be exclusively available for the PS4 starting July 24. SF5 will be available on PC and PS4. The game is slated for release in spring 2016.

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