Capcom Releases Puzzle World for the PSP!!

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Capcom Puzzle World will include three classic puzzle games from Capcom.

  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • Block Block
  • Buster Bros. Collection

Capcom Puzzle World have been retouched and updated for the PSP system?s 16×9 widescreen aspect ratio. This latest compilation is the first PSP system title to feature a screenshot mode, allowing gamers to take a snapshot of their victory in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo or any of the Buster Bros. titles. Players can also import personal pictures into Capcom Puzzle World that can be used as game backgrounds for all three Buster Bros. games. Players can also infiltrate other systems by virally uploading high scores onto their opponent?s handheld. With an intuitive ad hoc multiplayer mode, one or two players can face off in gem-breaking pandemonium or team up for frantic bubble-busting fun.

This new gem from Capcom will only run $29.99. Capcom continues to do old school right!

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