Capcom Delays En Masse

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For years and years the stereotypical ‘bad’ Christmas gift has been a lump of coal…or you know, socks. However, Capcom fans will be getting a very different surprise this holiday season. That’s right, you all get a plentiful amount of DELAYS! Super Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet 2, and Montser Hunter Tri have all been pushed back to at least April of 2010. Their reasoning for said action is chuckle inducing, why is that you ask? Well Capcom stated that they’d rather not have to compete with all the other major titles that are being released in the first quarter of the upcoming year. Now wait a minute…aren’t those first three months so packed because no one wanted to compete with eachother over the holiday season in the first place? Have we stumbled into a neverending void of game delays?

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