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Can?t wait for the new Apple OS X? Here?s How To Try El Capitan Today

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Apple OS X El Capitan
How to download OS X El Capitan Beta

If there?s one thing that?s you?re sure that Apple will be consistent about, it?s an OS X update happening every year.

And in the last Worldwide Developer?s Conference 2015, the tech giant announced the successor of OS X Yosemite ? the OS X El Capitan. As with Apple?s history of slight updates after the major ones, El Capitan is no different. It is the Snow Leopard to Apple?s Leopard, and Mountain Lion to the Lion. El Capitan on the other hand, is a rock to the magnanimous Yosemite.

Interactive Apple Features

But that?s not to say that El Capitan is not bringing anything new to the table, quite the contrary in fact. The new OS? interface makes all other Apple features more streamlined and interactive. This means that the features can actually be used to boost the functions of existing Apple applications.

For example, through El Capitan, integrating your Calendar with Mail would be so much easier.

There are other nifty functions as well, such as the cursor locator, which temporarily enlarges the cursor by moving the mouse or keypad, allowing the user to flawlessly navigate. Another is to view opened windows in split view while still in full screen mode ? making it easier to work on the applications you want without removing your attention to a current project.

One can also add a Pins Tab to Safari ? making it easier to log on to your favorite sites in no time at all. And if the rumors could actually be true, there might be a possibility of Siri moving in to your computer if the Captain?s Natural Language Search goes into the direction we are hoping for.

How to download El Capitan Beta

But don?t just take our word for it! If you?re itching to know how El Capitan works, you do have the option of downloading the Beta version for free. Apple has launched their Beta program only last year, and although they allowed non-developers to use beta versions of the previous Betas before, it was only last year that Apple offered it for free.

So if you?re mind is made up to try the new product, you can start the process by logging on here. But mind a few reminders: 1. Make sure of the system requirement. 2. If you?re using your Mac or laptop as main tool for your work, then the beta version might not be for you. As the beta implies, there?s a big chance of the OS not working for you, and Apple won?t be able to offer technical support to products not yet featured. 3. And be ready for apply to make use of your sessions as reference for El Capitan?s further upgrades.

Still sure about it? The next steps follow:

  • Once you register on Apple?s Beta Program by clicking ?Join now?, you can start downloading the beta OS. You will be required to give a valid ID. Don?t have one? You can actually register upon prompt.
  • The next steps is a formal agreement that you would need to click ? a standard MOA that will also remind you that you?re about to install a product that hasn?t been made available to the public. A confidentiality clause also follows.??Yes, the public beta software is Apple confidential information. Don?t install the public beta software on any systems you don’t directly control or that you share with others. Don?t blog, post screen shots, tweet, or publicly post information about the public beta software, and don’t discuss the public beta software with or demonstrate it to others who are not in the Apple Beta Software Program. ?
  • It is better safe than sorry. Before you fully install the new OS, it is advisable to save all important data. Apple has a built-in feature that you can use: Time Machine.
  • Now you can start exploring the new OS. Should you have any hassle, Apple suggests taking advantage of the built-in Feedback Assistant App. And if the beta version isn?t working to your advantage, you can always Unenroll.

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