Can’t get your child to sleep during a vacation? This inflatable bed can be the best solution!

Your little one might love it even more than their own bed!

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Traveling as a family is one of the excellent ways to bond, connect and make new memories. However, traveling with kids isn’t always that easy especially when you have a toddler who constantly fusses about not sleeping on their own bed.

But worry no more. Here’s a wonderful solution to get your little one to sleep during your vacation – Inflatable Toddler Bed from Little Sleepy Head.

What is this inflatable bed all about?

This Inflatable Toddler Bed from Little Sleepy Head can be your child’s best sleep buddy while traveling. It is perfect for when you go on vacations or go on a camping trip because it is portable, quiet and totally comfy! It works great for toddlers because it’s a perfect gear and a safe sleeping space for the times when your little one isn’t home or when they simply want to have a sleepover in your room.

What’s to love about this inflatable bed?

Little Sleepy Head’s inflatable bed is made of sturdy materials and is guaranteed to be durable and reliable. With it, you won’t have to worry about pops and leaks. It is lightweight and it comes with a fast electronic air pump & carrying case. The inner inflatable mattress has a soft, velvety material on top. It is also easy to keep clean with the included sheet.

And if you’re worried about the safety of your little one, there’s no need to fret. The air mattress has rails on both sides to keep your toddler secure and that they are kept safe and comfortable. Before you know it, your child might prefer their cozy, inflatable bed than their own bed!