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Canon PROGRAF PRO Printer New Models Now Available

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Canon has revealed a new set of high-end printer line for high-quality printing called imagePROGRAF PRO. The company has announced four new large-format inkjet printers that will ultimately be designed and catered to the ?fine art? and ?photographic markets,? according to Photography Blog.

Canon PROGRAF PRO models

Canon has become one of the leading digital imaging solutions in the world and the addition of the new imagePROGRAF PRO models should give them a big advantage to their competitors. ?Printing has been on a serious upswing lately in the photographic community, and Canon is carrying on their momentum from the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 with a couple brand new, high-end printers for making fine art photo prints,? Popular Photography shared.

Canon will be introducing four new high-end imagePROGRAF PRO large-format inkjet printers which include the 11-Colour plus Chroma Optimizer 44-inch PRO-4000, the 24-inch PRO-2000, the eight-color 60-inch PRO-6000S and 44-inch PRO-4000S, according to Photography Blog.

?From the time a photo is taken, to the time it is reproduced in print, imaging professional require output solutions that accurately preserve the detail and vibrancy of that moment,? Toyotsugu Kuwamura, senior vice president and general manager, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. said in a statement, according to Imaging-Resource.

?The new imagePROGRAF PRO Series models not only deliver an impressive and well-appointed design equal to Canon?s EOS digital camera, but they are also equipped with advanced technology features to faithfully reproduce high-quality photos taken by Canon?s EOS digital camera with outstanding image quality.?

According to Popular Photography, the imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 will sell at $2,995 ($3,795 for the Multifunction Roll System) while the PRO-4000 will sell at $5,995 (plus an extra $1000 for the Multifunction Roll System). On the other hand, the PRO-4000S will be priced at $4,995 while the bigger PRO-6000S will cost at around $9,995. These high-end imagePROGRAF PRO models is expected to be available to everyone in late spring 2016.

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