Candy Crush Saga coming to China via Tencent this summer

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Following the successful launch of Candy Crush Saga in Korea and Japan in 2013, King Digital Entertainment looks to build on their momentum in continuing to target key Asian markets by launching Candy Crush in China this summer. King will be partnering with Tencent?s Mobile QQ and Weixin Game Centers to deliver the Chinese version of their sugary game.

In a press release today, CEO of King, Riccardo Zacconi said: ?I am thrilled to be launching Candy Crush Saga with Tencent in China. Tencent has the largest mobile social network in China and is a great partner to work with. I look forward to working together to make Candy Crush Saga as popular in China as in the rest of the world.?

Steven Ma, Senior Vice President of Tencent had this to say: ?Tencent always hopes to bring global premier mobile games to China, and Candy Crush is one of the best. We are excited that our collaboration will combine King’s enjoyable mobile gaming experience and Tencent?s strong game publishing and operation capabilities in China. We are looking forward to bringing great moments of fun to Chinese users soon.?

China is a hard market to tap into and by partnering with well-known and well established companies in China like Tencent, King hopes to capitalize on increasing their user base further. King has previously reported that as of December 2013, it had a whopping 93 million daily active users of Candy Crush Saga, making it the publishing firm?s most popular game thus far.

King has been making a lot of major strides lately. Just last month, King went public and announced the price of their initial public offering of the game valued at $22.50 per share. That price means that the value of the company is at roughly $7 billion. There were tradeoffs for this movie though, as there was concern from investors that the success that King has had is mainly due to the Candy Crush game by itself so they put in a warning to interested investors saying that: ?a small number of games currently generate a substantial majority of our revenue?.

It?ll be interesting to see what other major developments King has in store in the next coming months.

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