Canceled Spyro The Dragon Xbox Footage Revealed

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Spyro The Dragon
Source: Bago Games Flickr

A game developer has recently posted a video of a canceled Spyro the Dragon entry. The game was supposed to be released on the original Microsoft Xbox console.

Game developer Mike Mika has posted a brief footage of the cancelled game on his Twitter. As seen in the video, the prototype looks crude and barely has any graphical polish to it. Mika notes that this prototype was a game that would feature Spyro side-character “Agent 9” going on his own spy adventures. However, Mika notes that higher-ups have meddled in its development and thought that Agent 9 would be better as a Spyro game.

Similar to the Crash Bandicoot series, the Spyro the Dragon series has been owned and sold off by many companies throughout its existence. This Spyro-Agent 9 prototype could have been released between 2001 and 2006 when the first Xbox was still Microsoft’s flagship console.

As of now, Vicarious Visions developed the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy. This title is a bundle of remasters of the first three Naughty Dog-developed Crash Bandicoot games from the first PlayStation era.The remastered titles have been received well by fans and critics, with many looking forward for new Crash Bandicoot games to be made or remade. Potentially, the same could done for the Spyro The Dragon series.

However, Insomniac Games doesn’t own the Spyro the Dragon franchise anymore. They can’t create anything related to Spyro the Dragon unless they get permission from  Spyro’s current handlers,  Activision. Like Naughty Dog’s stance on Crash Bandicoot, Insomniac Games leaves the Spyro projects to its current owners at the moment. “That’s up to Activision, and like Naughty Dog didn’t do the Crash port, we probably wouldn’t do Soyro [sic] ourselves,” as stated on the official Insomniac Games Twitter.

Before the Crash Bandicoot remaster got released, both Spyro and Crash Bandicoot appeared in Activision’s Skylanders game. Spyro fans will just have to wait until the next major Sony appearance to see if they’ll announce another nostalgic remaster.

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