Canada Immigration: Justin Trudeau?s Top 5 Moments That Make You Want to Move to Canada

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Canada Immigration

News broke out that the Canadian Immigration website crashed on US Election Day, more so when Donald Trump won. Americans who have always poked fun at their Canadian neighbors are now considering moving there to escape what would be a disastrous new administration.

Who can blame them? Canada?s Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau, probably the coolest world leader today. Here?s why Canadians are seriously winning with their Prime Minister:

  1. He?s a feminist

He believes in gender equality and that means equal opportunity. He made good on his promise when he was sworn in that he would fill his Cabinet half with women. And he did. Of his 30 Cabinet members, 15 are women. Plus points for being a man of his word.

In being a feminist, he also stated ?poverty is sexist.? According to him, women and girls are less likely to get an education, more likely to be impoverished and face a greater risk of poor health. Because of this, he will be increasing Canada?s contribution to the Global Fund by 20%.

  1. He supports gay rights

In May, he announced a bill that would guarantee legal protection for transgender people in Canada. He said that the government of Canada will help ensure transgender and other gender-diverse people are free to love according to their gender identity, free from discrimination and protected from hate propaganda and crimes.

To top that, he even marched in the Toronto Pride parade, making history as the first prime minister of Canada to march in the parade.

  1. He values family and the importance of work-life balance

In an official state visit to Japan, the dashing prime minister announced that he will be taking a day off to celebrate his 11th anniversary with his wife, Sophie. He had raised the issue of a work-life balance before when he proposed flexible work hours and new parental leave options during his campaign. Currently, the government is looking into implementing flexible work hours for federally regulated workers.

  1. He?s not afraid to take on a challenge

When the Kensington Palace and the Obamas got into a Twitter feud over the Invictus Games in April, Trudeau didn?t hesitate to get in on the action. He tweeted a video clip of himself with several members of Team Canada doing a one-arm push up. ?Nuff said.

  1. He?s not ashamed to show his inner geek

When a reporter asked Trudeau about ISIL, and tried to be funny by saying he was not asking the leader to explain quantum computing, Trudeau schooled the crowd with an impressive layman explanation of how advanced computers work.

This video from CBC news is too cute not to share:

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