Can You Replace Your Busted iPhone Screen By Yourself? Why or Why Not?

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How to replace iphone 5 screen
How to replace iphone 5 screen

What if your iPhone faces its worst enemy, the floor, asphalt or cement? Is there anything you can do to do the fixing all by yourself? A busted iPhone screen may be a very common problem with iPhones and any smartphone in general. There are tons and hundreds of YouTube videos to guide you on how to fix or replace the screen by yourself. The bigger question though is, can you really do it?

Most iPhones can still function properly, even when their screen is cracked, regardless if the crack is very bad. You can still use them like you would normally do, and the touch screen works perfectly anyway, but, a cracked screen is very unsightly. One way or the other, you will want and NEED to have it replaced.

The good news is, there are lots of ways on how to get this done. It?s not impossible at all. The bad news is, sometimes, for some people, it is a wee bit expensive to the point that it gives you ?second thought about having it repaired at all. At an Apple store, the fees can go as high as $150. The other good news is, there are also many alternatives, like DIY repair kits for iPhone screens which cost as low as $15 to $40. These prices are way better than $150 right?

You can buy these kits on eBay or other DIY shops near your place. They?re so accessible, it?s really hard to resist trying them out. They?re cheap and lots of people have used and had success stories with it.

So once you get yourself one, you can go to YouTube and watch some tutorials on how to get things done, then go into the process of actually ?removing? and replacing the screen. If you?re somebody who isn?t educated with this kind of stuff, removing the cracked screen alone might become a big challenge, and making sure that everything is in the right place and order when you put the replacement screen is even more tedious. Yes. Even with dozens of guides from YouTube.

More often than not, things will become hairy. You will end up wasting more money than you should have. This does not mean that all people who try to fix their own iPhone screens end up with the same failed result. The ratio between fail and success amongst iPhone owners, who have no general idea how to tinker with things, is just too high, with the fail figures being the bigger number.


Afterall, it would have been best to let a professional take care of your iPhone (hence they are called ?professionals?), or better yet, as much as possible, prevent this from happening, by making sure that your iPhone, or any smartphone, is well protected from such hazards. Use screen protectors, protective cases and stop being careless.

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