Can Apple Come Up With a Better Idea than Microsoft’s ‘PixelSense’? iDesk in the Future?

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iDesk Image by Adam Benton
iDesk Image by Adam Benton

The greatest things and ideas are usually those which are within? the old conceptual boundaries. One good example of this is virtual reality. Everybody certainly thought that virtual reality was dead, even before it made its way into the mainstream media, until we?ve been introduced with Oculus Rift. It won?t be long before people will be able to check and update their Facebook statuses on house ?windows? (literally) or bathroom mirrors. Even computing might be done on desktops, or rather, top of the desk, or on the desk itself. Things like these are where Apple can apply their innovations and if they would re-invent the desk.

You could pretty much think of it as an ultra neat setup where all your equipment aren?t really placed on your desk, but it is “within” your desk that serves as the workstation itself. Sounds futuristic? We?re very near that point. Just like Microsoft?s Pixelsense that can be seen on Samsung?s 40? SUR40, everything will be integrated in the desk screen, which you can run simultaneously. Calendar, notes, cameras, phone. Everything will be possibly replaced. All the stuff you need notifications with will also be there, so this makes this setup the perfect one for your working world.

If Apple actually pulls this off, it would certainly have the ability to synchronize itself to a Mac or better yet, have a Mac integrated on the desk itself. Physical keyboards would be replaced by an integrated one on the screen, which is going to be adjustable. (Not everyone might not like it, but the technology is advancing really fast, so people might eventually overlook this)

iDesk Image by Adam Benton 2

iDesk Image by Adam Benton 2

Files and data can be easily transferred from device to device, like iPhone, iPads, Mac. All with a simple flick. No need for for a mouse, as the entire area of the desk would be the trackpad. No more clutters of stuff hanging around your desk, you can simply ?minimize? them away.

Though Apple may not be first one to create this if ever they do (Surface and PixelSense integrated to Samsung?s SUR40 already have it), it would be undoubtedly one of the more popular and productive desks around for sure.

Image Source: Adam Benton

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