Camille League Of Legends: New Champion After Assassin Rework?

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Camille League of Legends

Recently, Riot Games revealed the ?Camille: Severed Ties? comic where a possibly new champion is featured. Apparently, the new Camille League of Legends character has blade for legs which she might heavily use in her battles in the game. Here?s what we know so far about the new champion after the recent Assassin rework.

Severed Ties

As seen in the Camille League of Legends comic, the new champion supposedly hails from Piltover, a city of science and progress. Her city of origin could explain her mechanical appearance. In terms of design, she looks like a mix of a Kingsman: The Secret Service?s Gazelle mixed with Arkane Studio?s Dishonored automatons and masks.

Apparently, she?s some sort of assassin that quells any potential threat to keep order in Piltover. Camille targets the ?Misshapen? and ?Defective? to keep this order. Her comic ends with the dialog, ?Privilege comes with sacrifice,? which could mean she always does things in the name of the greater good regardless of the costs.

Potential Abilities

Due to her appearance, the skill kit of the new Camille League of Legends champion may lean towards an Assassin. Her bladed legs could either make her an auto-attack or ability-focused champion.

Potentially, her quick disposal of targets in the comic could make her a low defense, high offense ?and single target Assassin champion. Additionally, her use of blades could easily make her an Attack Damage-based Assassin. Alternatively, she could be built to become another ?Hypercarry? champion like Riven or Yasuo due to her overwhelming offense that decisively struck foes in the comic. We?ll have to wait for Riot to release her Champion Lore and Ability reveal to understand Camille?s upcoming skill kit.

Just in Time

The previous League of Legends major update have reworked some characters and geared the game towards Assassins. New items and systems for Assassins have been implemented too. Additionally, the new fruit systems encourage players to roam or assassinate on other lanes as they have resources to help them scout and recover off-lane. The new Camille League of Legends champion has definitely arrived at an opportune time if she turns out to be an Assassin that encourages players to roam.

For now, fans have the last two weeks of November and the whole of December to wait for more of her reveal. At best, we might see the new Camille League of Legends champion by Christmas or early 2017. Stay updated with more League of Legends news here on TheBitBag.

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