Camila Cabello’s Billboard Cover Shot Using iPhone 7

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Consumers all know that Apple’s iPhone 7 has one of the best cameras available on phones today. But, who could have thought that those lenses can actually shoot for a Billboard cover photo. This is the case of singer Camila Cabello’s photo shoot wherein she posed for the magazine using an iPhone 7 Plus.

Normally, photographers would rely on professional camera brands like Canon, Nikon and Mamiya. Alongside these great shooters are their other tools like lighting systems. However, the latest cover photo by Billboard was taken by an iPhone 7 Plus and the results are surprisingly great.

“It’s amazing as a photographer to see how technology has so rapidly changed now that the phone in your pocket can also be a high-end camera,” photographer Miller Mobley said as reported by Billboard. The photo shoot took place outside a rental home in Beverly Hills while using the new Portrait mode of the handset.

Mobley as well shared how they came up with such an idea. According to the photographer, he was asked by his photo editor if he could shoot the next cover with the iPhone 7 Plus. Although it was kind of weird, he thought it was actually a good idea for he has never tried it before. “I’m all about embracing new technology and not being afraid of it, so I was totally up for the challenge,” he said.

Mobley on taking photos with an iPhone 7 Plus

According to the photographer, using an iPhone as your camera makes a more casual nature when shooting. This as well would somehow help him in shooting younger stars like Cabello. “It was interesting to see Camila’s response to shooting with the iPhone,” he said. “Because of her age and the generation she’s grown up with, an iPhone has always been around and accessible. For a 50-plus years old, it might have been a different vibe, but with Camila it was just another camera, not a phone.”

Lastly, although the photos were great, Mobley had to spend more time on composition, says a report from the Apple Insider. It is mainly because of the phone’s 12-megapixel camera, which offers less resolution for cropping. Obviously, it was not a major problem for the photographer as he overcame the “challenge” his photo editor gave him.

How about you? Are you amazed as well by this newly-discovered capability of an iPhone 7 Plus? Do you as well think that the photos taken were great? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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