Calvin Harris To Make Song About Taylor Swift With Katy Perry?

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Is Calvin Harris teaming up with Katy Perry for a song about Taylor Swift?

Calvin Harris could soon be making a new song about his ex Taylor Swift and might have found a possible collaborator ? a singer that his famous ex-girlfriend has had ?Bad Blood? with: Katy Perry.

The world was shocked last Wednesday, June 15, when photos of Taylor Swift and actor Tom Hiddleston kissing hit the internet. The images were taken while they were sitting on a rock at a beach, just two weeks after the pop superstar broke up with Calvin Harris. ?

The 32-year-old DJ was reportedly already suspicious of the ?Thor? actor after he danced and flirted with Taylor Swift at the Met Gala last May. Now that the two?s kissing photos are out, Calvin Harris allegedly believes that the former country sweetheart cheated on him with the Brit heartthrob.

Still, Calvin Harris is putting up a strong front after the split and says he is currently busy working on a project with ?Diamonds? singer Rihanna. The Barbadian beauty is known as one of the close friends of Taylor Swift?s arch enemy, Katy Perry.

Because of this, some have raised the possibility of Calvin Harris also doing a collaboration with the ?Roar? singer.

Currently dating ?Lord of the Rings? star Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry has been rumored to be feuding with her fellow pop artist since 2014. The feisty brunette famously tweeted in September of that year about a certain ?Regina George in sheep?s clothing? that people should ?watch out for.? While she didn?t mention any names, many believed that the post was targeted at Taylor Swift. ?

Katy Perry also seemingly took a swipe at her supposed ex-friend in a past interview with Billboard. ?If somebody is trying to defame my character, you?re going to hear about it,? she warned.

As for Taylor Swift, an August 2015 Vanity Fair feature story hinted at the possible real reason why she ended her friendship with Katy Perry. ?

?I?ve trusted people before in friendships or relationships and have felt betrayed,? she revealed. ?If you betray your friend, if you will talk about them badly behind their back, if you will try to humiliate them or talk down to them, I have no interest in having a person like that in my life.?

Because of their common disdain against the Grammy-winning pop diva, we won?t be surprised if Katy Perry and Calvin Harris will collaborate for a song versus Taylor Swift soon!

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