Call Of Duty:Advanced Warfare’s Main Platform is Not Xbox One, But PS4

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Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare-
Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare-

Just recently, Sledgehammer Games released images and the first trailer of the upcoming game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to public. The trailer showed a first few glances of the EXO suits, weapons that are out of this world, and Kevin Spacey. What stood out greatly was the visuals however. The graphics look far more beautiful than the game it will follow, which is Call of Duty: Ghosts. All the in-game footage were captured using an Xbox One, but the question is, will Xbox One be the main console to showcase all the graphical muscle, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has to offer?

Ahsan Rasheed tweeted ?Also, I want to say one thing to all the Xbox One fans that keep telling me COD is X1 lead platform. It?s not. It?s a marketing deal.? According to Rasheed?s claims, COD: Advanced Warfare?s lead platform would be none other than PlayStation 4 for a couple of reasons. Sony was the company who created the first Call of Duty. The fact that a lot of gamers are going to play the game in their homes are owners of the PlayStation 4. (Right now, there are 7 million units already sold and counting worldwide)

Rasheed states that developers from Infinity Ward would take this fact into great consideration. Somebody replied and mentioned that, indeed, it may be the case for Infinity Ward, but it does not apply with SledgeHammer Games. ?So cute. If you think the PS4 version won?t be the definitive console version technically, I have some bad news.? Rasheed responded back.

However, even without Rasheed?s claims, wouldn?t it make sense already that choosing the most powerful platform possible, as the lead platform for a game, which is heavily influenced by graphical awesomeness, be an obvious choice?

Still, with all these facts stated out, we can?t really be sure yet whether the game will be in its full definitive form on either console. It would be best to wait until November 4 draws near (the release date for PC, PS4 and Xbox One), and stand by for official announcements from the publishers of the game.

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